For every successful family camping trip, a safe and dry family tent is needed. For this purpose, you might be looking for the best family tents for bad weather. They also provide some privacy for changing clothes and preparing food. Family tents are a very good option for people who need shelter from bad weather or may be interested to do a family camping journey. They can also be used as a portable storage space in an emergency.
These camping tents come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit your preferences. In this article, we’ll be going over some of the best tents for family camping.

Factors to consider while buying a Best Family Tents for Bad Weather

Buying of the camping tents are basically the most important part as a good tent further decides your family camping journey. The following we will tell you about the important factors you must consider before buying camping tents.


The size and capacity of the family tent matters a lot. A best family tent should be spacious and should have good ventilation because there is no point in having a spacey family tent if it’s not going to provide you with adequate air-circulation or protection against moisture. The size of the family tent is much more important, as the tent should provide enough space for everyone inside to feel comfortable. Therefore, it is advisable to get a larger tent rather than a smaller one if you have more people in your group.
Basically, the interior space of the family camping tent matters a lot. The larger and spacious interior space providing you and your family a great living space. A good living space allows you to take rest and provide you the privacy.


Camping tents construction materials are an important factor to look at when buying a best tent. When you’re looking for the best family tents for bad weather, it’s important to consider what type of fabric is going to keep you and your family dry. As a buyer, you’re going to want to know whether your family camping tent is made from nylon or polyester. Polyester tents are of higher quality than nylon tents, and they are typically more expensive. The most important factors in determining how well a tent will hold up against wind and rain is the material used in construction and the seams where sections meet.
Waterproofing is another attribute worth considering when choosing the best family tent. Waterproof tent provide an edge over the ordinary one. So always try to buy the camping tent made up of the waterproof material.


One of the most important aspects that one should consider before buying the best family tents for bad weather  is the weight and portability. A big and heavy tent will be difficult to carry around and set up. Besides, it might not be good for backpacking or hiking trips. So, make sure you pick a lightweight tent with a smaller carrying size in order to get maximum enjoyment out of your trip. For example, if the tents are for just one person or two people, then it’s best that they are lightweight and easy to carry around.


When choosing the best family tents for bad weather we must have to choose the tents that are easy to assemble and have quick set up time as it can save us a lot of time when we are in a hurry during bad weather events.

Shape of the tent

The right shape of the best family tent will offer benefits in bad weather such as rain or wind. One of these benefits is heat retention. A dome shaped tent will have better heat retention than a cabin tent. Dome tent is a great choice because they are more resistant to strong winds.


The air ventilation factor is an important part of your tent’s design. If a tent doesn’t have air ventilation, that could have a devastating effect on your camping experience. Without proper ventilation, you’ll be in for an unpleasant night of camping no matter how nice the design of your tent might be.
That’s the reason professional campers used to say that how comfortable your inner tent environment is more amazing you family camping journey will be. The majority of comfortable inner tent environment is depends on the ventilation, flow of air and large interior space.

Top 7 Best Family Tents for Bad Weather

ImageName / SpecificationsPrice
Coleman Sundome Tent

☑ Space for 2 Person
☑ Weight 3.4 Kilograms
☑ Dimensions 5 by 7 feet
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Ciays Camping Tent

☑ Space for 2 Person Tent
☑ Weight ‎‎5.29 Pounds
☑ Dimensions 87.4 x 61.02 x 42.91 inches
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CAMPROS Tent 6/8 Person Camping Tents

☑ Space for 6 Person
☑ Weight ‎6.37 Kilograms
☑ Dimensions 132 x 84 x 72 inches
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MOON LENCE Camping Tent 2/4/6 Person Family Tent

☑ Space for 6 Person
☑ 5.95 Pounds
☑ Dimensions 83.8 x 59.8 x 48 inches
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Napier Family-Tents sportz SUV Tent

☑ Space for 6 Person
☑ Weight 41 pounds
☑ Dimensions 10 x 10 x 7.25 inches
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Happybuy Bell Tent Canvas Tent 4-Season Yurt

☑ Space for 5 Person
☑ Dimension 45 x 10 x 10 inches; 44 Pounds
☑ Size 9.84ft
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Alvantor Backpacking-Tents Camping Tent

☑ Space for 2 Person
☑ Weight 4 Pounds
☑ Dimensions 83 x 42 x 55 inches
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1. Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman Sundome Tents

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Coleman Sundome Tent is a good option for people who like to do outdoor activities. It is very easy to assemble, which takes only 10 minutes. It is made of high quality polyester taffeta and it is weatherproof. Plus, it has an easy to use pull cord system that covers the top of the tent and protects from rain, snow and other bad weather. This tent can fit 2 people comfortably and its dimensions are 7 x 5 feet, which makes it perfect for bad weather conditions with a rather roomy interior. If you are looking for a best family tent for bad weather, this Coleman tent would be your best choice because its price is reasonable, it has enough space inside and it can be set up in minutes.


  • Weather Resistance
  • Affordable Price
  • Large Roomy Interior
  • Light Weight make this in the list of mountaineering tents
  • Easy to Assemble
  • 1 Year of warranty


  • Not good in heavy rains and thundering
  • In summer tent getting quite hot

2. Ciays Camping Tent

Ciays Camping Tent

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Ciays Camping Tent is an extremely lightweight tent that is perfect for camping with your family ! Ciays Camping Tent is an excellent camping tent with a weight of 5.29 pounds. It’s made of 100% polyester and offers 2 entrances, 6 windows and a removable rainfly to protect from the rain. It also has a removable rainfly that is easy to remove when needed but can still keep you warm and dry in wet conditions. The carry bag ensures easy transportation while having stakes ensures it won’t blow away in tough windy weather conditions! Finally, this tent assembles in just 6 minutes. This family tent is much spacious for the 2 people with a space of 87″ L x 61″ W x 46″ H.


  • Instant tent, as easily assemble
  • Affordable
  • Good Ventilation 
  • Larger tent 
  • Light Weight


  • Entrance Zipper got Stuck
  • Stakes are no good

3. CAMPROS Tent 6/8 Person Camping Tents

CAMPROS Tent 6/8 Person Camping Tents

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CAMPROS tents are one of the best camping tents in the market today. They feature waterproof materials and advanced wind-resistant technology for maximum protection against brutal weather conditions. CAMPROS tents are designed with three ventilation windows to keep you cool on hot days or warm on cold nights. The spacious interior can easily accommodate six people and all of their gear with the dimension of 11′ x 7′ x 72″, while leaving plenty of room to move around inside the tent with ease. The CAMPROS Family Dome Tent will be your best choice as with too many features it also provides a warranty of 1 year.


  • Good Ventilation 
  • Instant tent 
  • Weather Resistant
  • Spacious


  • Difficult to clean because it has so many zippers

4. MOON LENCE Camping Tent 2/4/6 Person Family Tent

MOON LENCE Camping Tent 2/4/6 Person Family Tent

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MOON LENCE Camping Tent is made of 100% polyester fabric. The tent cover is double-layer, which can block UV rays and provide the weather resistance factors. So, keep the inside of the tent cool . The rainfly can protect the tent from wind and heavy rain. In different conditions, it can be used as 2-, 4-, or 6-person tents depending on your requirements.

Moreover, it has enough space for a family to enjoy their family camping journey with more comfort and relaxation! With its many features like wind & waterproof features and UV protection, you won’t have to worry about bad weather coming by! This best-selling tent is lightweight and easy to assemble. It includes a separate entrance and vestibule, 2 tunnels and convenient carrying case. The 2 doors make in-and-out quick without having to crawl over other people. The built-in rainfly protects against sudden rainstorms, while the UV protection shield keeps your family members safe from the sun’s harmful rays.


  • Easy to Assemble make these instant tents
  • Good Ventilation
  • Lightweight make this a backpacking tent
  • Spacious 
  • Water Resistant
  • Comfortable to Carry 


  • Flooring is not too good

5. Napier Family-Tents sportz SUV Tent

Napier Family-Tents sportz SUV Tent

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The Napier Family-Tents sportz SUV Tent is a great UTV tent and is the best option for car camping. It has a lot of head room, which will make it nicer to spend time in on a rainy day. The tent size is 10 feet by 10 feet and the height of the walls is 7 and a half feet. The 7’6″ high walls and large floor space will allow you to comfortably move around inside your tent without feeling claustrophobic and enables more storage space for gear inside the tent as opposed to blocking access through its front door
The Napier Family-Tents SportZ SUV Tent is an attractive option for families looking to enjoy car camping. When it comes time to enjoy nature, the family can comfortably nap outside during bad weather. This easy-to-install tent has windows and has 7 feet of headroom. The 10’x10′ size is perfect for a small family of four to six people and the height can accommodate taller occupants.


  • Spacious
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Portable
  • Flow of Air is much better 
  • Packing is easy to done
  • Best for car camping 


  • Rainfly leaks without the SUV
  • Door Zipper Stuck

6. Happybuy Bell Tent Canvas Tent 4-Season Yurt 

Happybuy Bell Tent Canvas Tent 4-Season Yurt

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Happybuy 4-season bell tents are good for family camping trips, outdoor activities, and hunting. The Happybuy Bell Tents are the best all weather tents for family camping, suitable for various weather conditions. This tent is extremely durable, made from high-quality cotton material. The cotton material is a great choice for long-term use because cotton does not easily tear like other fabrics and requires less maintenance.

This tent has an open top that makes it great for beginners or children who want to go camping, it can also be closed with the canvas ceiling if it becomes stormy and you don’t want the rain to come in. Have 4 windows that will make a decent air flow. It also includes all the necessary poles and ropes so that you can set up your tent quickly without needing any additional tools!


  • Easy to Wash due to Cotton Material
  • Easy to Set-up
  • Waterproof
  • Good Fabric Material 
  • Spacious


  • A bit heavy due to large size

7. Alvantor Backpacking-Tents Camping Tent

Alvantor Backpacking-Tents Camping Tent

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Alvantor’s backpacking-tents are made for the adventurer looking to go light, but not compromise on quality. Alvantor is a company that specialises in manufacturing backpacking tents and other camping gear. The Alvantor Backpacking-Tents Camping Tent is a 2 person tent. It is 100% polyester and its dimensions are 83″ x 55″ x 42″H when not in use and folds up to about the size of a small backpack. The Alvantor Backpacking-Tents Camping Tent is waterproof, lightweight, can be transported easily and easy to set up. This family tent can be an excellent choice if you have bad weather conditions or want a portable tent for your next adventure.


  • Backpacking tent 
  • Easy to set up
  • Excellent Airflow make it much more ventilated 
  • Spacious and Comfortable for 2 person
  • Good Constructions
  • Very small when rolled up


  • Become soak when meets heavy rain and thundering

How to survive a strong storm in a Tent



There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to picking the best tent for your family camping journey. But with this list, you can be sure that you’ll find the best tent for your family no matter where you live or what kind of camping experience you’re looking for . We hope this article has helped you in your hunt for the best family tents for bad weather. You can now confidently make an informed purchase based on our list.
You can now enjoy a family camping journey without the need to worry about bad weather if you invest in a good quality tent.

Frequently Asked Question 

Q: Should a tent be waterproof or water resistant?

A: Although waterproofing is more preferable, as it ensures that water cannot seep through your tent, water resistant tent will do just fine if you’re not expecting any heavy rains.

Q: What is a tent pole?

A: A tent pole are the poles on the ground by using this you can securely attached or tied up your tent on the ground.

Q: What are the best tents for bad weather?

A: All tents will protect you from rain, but some tents are built for windy weather or cold weather conditions. Different shapes also offer different benefits. We recommend some tents with their pros and cons, and have to figure out according to your needs.

Q: What is the size of a best family tent?

A: The size depends on the number of people in your family and the person who is going to be sleeping in the tent. The best camping tent should be more spacious so that the people fit comfortably inside and the airflow inside the tent is good too.

Q: What should be the weight of the best family tents for bad weather?

A: The tent must be lightweight. It’s durable, portable and can be transported easily.

Q: Why Rei co is popular?

A: Rei co is commonly known as recreational equipment incorporation. Basically its an industry of camping gear and outdoor gear. Popular for rei base camp and instant tents of best qualities.

Q: Why big agnes camping tents are more preferable?

A: The big agnes is a camping tent company that make the best quality camping tents for its customer. There are many factors that provide s the edge to big agnes as compare to other ordinary companies. Like:
  • No compromise on the quality of the camping tents
  • Try to make the interior more comfortable for the family. Like the tent floor etc.
  • Before making the tent, the weather resistance factor must be under consideration

Q: What are different type of camping tents ?

A: The tents are classified as according to the shape of the tent. Following we are tell you about the different classification of the family tents:

  • Dome tent
  • Cabin Tent
  • Mountaineering tents
  • Core instant camping tents
  • North face tents
  • Ozark Trail tents

Q: Are the tents waterproof?

A: This is a common question that many people ask. The answer is yes, even if it has rainfly. The rainfly will not make waterproof tent, but it will provide additional protection and comfort during rainy days and wet weather.

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